From the day we started operating as AR Trasnsport Logistics and Freight Company, we attach importance to corporate cooperation and improve our service offers.
The obvious indicators of our experience and success are the fact that many companies of national importance and the companies that organize international sports competitions in the country have chosen our company as a partner in the event.
These partnerships were later replaced by long-term activities, and our services became part of their business activities.
Our company serves not only companies, but also individual entrepreneurs operating in the field of small and medium business.
The professional staff of our corporate service department offers the most optimal service, identifying the individual needs and capabilities of each client.

Our corporate offers include:

  • Affordable price
  • Cargo tracking online
  • GPS tracking system
  • Automated Logistics Optimization System
  • Organization of services according to individual needs
  • Large car park
  • Functional and hygienic cars
  • Quality control system
  • Corporate membership system