Carrying your luggage without packing, half of it out of the car window, is like throwing it away.
We offer you our freight service on favorable terms without damaging your belongings and budget.

You can also use our disassembly, packing and installation services according to your wishes.
AR Transport Freight Service not only transports household and office items, musical instruments, sensitive items, but also food and construction materials.
We are at your service 24/7 to transport your cargo to any part of the country and the world!

Relocation of houses

Moving to a new home, no matter how exciting, is a stressful process.
Packing, moving and installing things in a new home not only takes time, but also carries heavy loads and endangers your health.
In addition, furniture and other sensitive items can be damaged if not packaged properly.
In short, when you try to save, you face more losses.
Of course, it is also dangerous to entrust your belongings to anyone.
However, as a witness to our business process, you will be sure that you have handed over your belongings to completely safe hands.
Our staff packs your goods and unloads and installs them at the point of transportation.
Please note that all your packaged items are insured. Relocation of houses is carried out 24/7 in all regions of the country.

Relocation of offices

Unlike relocating, moving to a new office is a more complicated and responsible process.
It is difficult to transport different furniture and equipment of each department, each employee’s belongings without mixing them.
In addition, significant efforts must be made to ensure the safe transportation of expensive office equipment.
Most importantly, all this must be done without interruption.
The only solution to all these issues may be the relocation service of AR Transport Offices.
With the rapid relocation, during the time our masters dismantle the furniture, our workers safely pack the items by type and load them into freight taxis.
At the point of transportation, the cargo is unloaded, our masters install furniture and equipment, and your other belongings are placed in the office accordingly.
You can carry out the transportation process every day of the week, at any time, which will prevent your work from being delayed.
Please note that your cargo is insured against any situation.

Transportation of pets

Unlike objects, oxygen is more important for animals.
Failure to select the appropriate box for the animal to be transported will result in physical injury to the animal and ventilation problems.
As pet lovers, we have a Pet Transportation service for the safe delivery of our dear friends.
Transportation is carried out in all regions.

Transportation of food products

Sanitary rules must be followed when transporting food.
Otherwise, the food will spoil quickly and, most importantly, can become a source of health hazards.
Another point is related to the damage of fruits and vegetables.
Damaged fruits and vegetables spoil quickly, which causes more material damage to the entrepreneur.
Of course, proper ventilation and temperature, as well as timely delivery are also important.
AR Transport Food Transportation Service is at your service with special vehicles with temperature-adjustable body equipped for food transportation.
We safely deliver the shipment to the required address at any time.