Domestic freight

Do you want to transport construction materials for new buildings you will build in the regions, or bring your products to the capital from your region?
Make sure you apply to the right address!

As AR Transport Logistics and Cargo Company, we transport all types of cargo from the smallest volume to 35 tons to all regions of the country.
Regardless of the distance, weather conditions, or the difficulty of the delivery points, don’t worry that your materials will be damaged, your belongings will be tested, and your food will be spoiled.
Because, you will see our employees who are responsible in all processes, including transportation, unloading, from choosing the right car for your cargo.
In addition, you can rent the cars you need in the industrial and agricultural sectors.
With our professional drivers, your cargo will be delivered to the address on time and safely!

International freight

AR Transport Logistics and Cargo Company, which has been operating in the field of cargo transportation for many years, also carries out international transportation.
You can entrust the transportation of various types of cargo to Turkey, Iran, Russia, Georgia and many other countries of the world: industrial products, construction materials, furniture and sensitive items, food products.
Our large fleet of trailers has a capacity of up to 35 tons, and all cargo is transported in accordance with international standards and regulations.
Our advantage is that we have a GPS tracking system and insure your luggage against possible situations.
Don’t worry about the length of the distances, your load will be in safe hands!