We have warehouses and depots for storing cargo of different volumes in Baku.
Our warehouses and depots are equipped with a special ventilation system for storing any type of cargo, as well as furniture and other items.
Here, your items are grouped and packaged according to type and size.
Necessary technical adjustments are made by registration to avoid any disturbances during the acceptance of cargo.
Most importantly, all your belongings are insured against possible situations.
Our other advantage is the provision of 24/7 personal access so that you can inspect your luggage at any time and make sure it is safe.
In short, your belongings are as safe as they are with you!

What can you store individually in our warehouses and depots?

  • Large, seasonal items;
  • Items purchased as needed, but occupy part of the house;
  • Items of great moral value but not used;
  • Furniture and equipment that you do not want others to damage during repairs, when you rent your home;

What can you keep as a legal entity?

  • Important documents and archive materials that take up a lot of space in the office;
  • Laboratory and office equipment that is not used continuously;
  • A large number of goods purchased at once for sale;